DIY Bun Shaped Hair Band

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Do you have a female baby?  Let's learn how to make this lovely DIY Bun Shaped Hair Band.

This is the picture of finished product

Tool: pin, scissors, thread

Materials: velveteen, traditional jacquard, fragmentary cloth or other things can be used as fillings, colorful ribbon, idle hair band, new socks

1.Tailor the velveteen twice as wide as that of the hair band and the same as long as it.  Fold the velveteen lengthwise(the front side facing inside). Then sew the edge and one end of it.

2.Turn over the sewed velveteen on front side. Then cover it on the hair band and sew the other end of the velveteen. Now the first important step has already accomplished. Actually now we can wear it, but we merely still want to add some decoration to make it more wonderful. 

3.Put the fillings in the new sock and sew the end of it 

4.Tailor the traditional jacquard into a piece of cloth which is 20*20 centimeter

5.Sew a circle in the jacquard and make the circle cover two-thirds of the fillings

6.Put the fillings in the jacquard and pull the thread to make the jacquard cover them, then a bun shaped decoration is finished. Make another "bun" in the same way.

7. Tie the colorful ribbons on the "bun" to decorate it.

8.Finally fix them on the hair band and a lovely hair band is ok. Give it to your female baby and she will become more lovely.

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