DIY Beautiful Sakura

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Do you want to make a beautiful sakura for your best friend? 

Let's learn it now.

Step 1. Prepare 5 square cloth (7 cm  x  7 cm)

Step 2. Folded it into a triangle

Step 3. Fold up two sides of the triangle, fixed with the pin

Step 4. Turn to the back is a small square shape

Step 5. Make the diagonal fold inward, and holding it

Step 6. Sew the diagonal together

Step 7. Turn it over, this is the front side, we can see the natural petals now ~

Step 8. Turn to the side face, cut the excess cloth on bottom

Step 9.   5 petals is completed, then you can sew them together

Step 10. Sew more laps, make the petals tightly stitched together

Step 11. Sew a clasp on the center

Step 12. If you want to make the hair elastic, you can sew the black non-woven and a hair elastic on the back.

Beautiful sakura is completed! Have you got it?

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