DIY Art Deco Ring

Product Details

You will need:

Ring Base

Craft Glue

Loose rhinestones

Step 1: Pick out your favorite gems you want to work with and begin to play around with patterns for the placement of the stones on the ring.

Step 2: Once you’ve decided on your unique design, add a small drop of glue to the top base of the ring. Do not add a large glob as it will ooze out once the rhinestones are placed, instead use only enough for the center of the ring base, allowing room for the glue to spread.

Step 3: Carefully place your stones on the ring (using tweezers can help with placement) in the pattern you created.

Step 4: Ensure placement of gems by applying pressure with your fingers.

Step 5: Clean up any of the glue that may have oozed over the edge, continue to let dry for the hours listed on the back of your craft glue bottle.


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