DIY All-match Sweater Necklace

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Material and tools:

1. imitation pearl:8mm(20pcs) 10mm(light green 24pcs );  10mm(white 30pcs )

2. some eyepins

3. black ribbon (2*150 cm)

4. black ribbon(1*100 cm)

5. corsage bead cap

6. chain end caps (2pcs)

7. 8mm metal ring(2pcs)

8. a sharp-nose plier

9. a scissor

10. a hot glue stick

11. a sewing needle

Then we can start working now

Step 1: Cut two 40cm ribbon

Step 2: Then put the chain end caps on the end of the ribbon 

Step 3: Next, take out the ribbon(1*100 cm),  8mm Imitation pearls,  and eyepins

Step 4: Pierce ribbon, imitation pearl, and then ribbon again. Repeat this.

Like this

Step 5: Take out eyepins and 10mm imitation pearls(light green color) 

Step 6: Make the eyepin through the imitation pearl, then make a circle and through other eyepin, then through a imitation pearl again, finally make a chain.

Step 7: Take out eyepins and white imitation pearls, and repeat step 6, make the other chain

Make a beautiful sweater necklace by yourself now!

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