Cube Bracelet Project

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1) Cut 8 inches of Beadalon Wire.

2) String 1 silver bead.

3) Attach your Closed Jump ring to the short end of your wire, and bring approx. 1/2 inch of the wire back through the silver bead.

4) String 1 crimp bead next to the silver bead and crimp the bead using your crimping pliers.

5) String another silver bead

Start your beadwork.
1 Cube Bead
4 Silver flower beads
1 AB Bicone Bead
4 Silver flower beads
Repeat bead work until you have 10 sections, or just enough so the bracelet wraps around your wrist with little lag.

6) String 1 silver bead, 1 crimp bead, another silver bead and 1 open jump ring for your clasp.

7) Bring the remainder of your Beadalon wire back through the few bead beads of your beadwork.

8) Crimp the crimp bead and cut off excess Beadalon wire.

9) Attach clasp to your bracelet.

This bracelet was created using Sterling Bali-style beads, but our Base Metal Bali-style offer the same look at a fraction of the cost.

Quantity of Items Needed
4 Round Bead 3mm Sterling Silver
72 Bali Style Flat Flower Bead 4x1.2mm Sterling Silver
2 Crimp Tube Seamless 2x2mm Sterling Silver
9 Swarovski Bicone 5328 4mm Crystal AB
1 Heart Clasp 14x7mm Sterling Silver
10 Swarovski Cubes 5601 6mm Light Colorado AB
1 Jump Ring Round Open 6mm Sterling Silver
1 Jump Ring Round Closed 6mm Sterling Silver

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