Crystal Wrap Bracelet

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What you will need:

•1 mm Black Leather Cord

•Bead Strands – About 24 inches total.  (I used 4mm Czech Glass Beads.)

•Coordinating Thread (regular sewing thread works fine!)

•Small Eye Needle

•Button (for your closure)


1. Cut about 18 inches of leather cord for every wrap layer you want to make.  For three wraps, I used 54 inches of leather cord.  Find the halfway point of your cord, and tie an overhand knot to make your loop closure.  Be sure that your button fits snugly through the loop you tied – not too tight or too loose.

Thread your needle. You’ll want to double up your thread for strength.  I generally work with about 3 feet at a time, but any length you’re comfortable with will work fine, because you will need to add length a few times as you work anyway.

Tie the thread onto one side of your cord.  I work from left to right, personally, so I tie my thread onto the left cord, and all my directions will work from left to right.  If the opposite works better for you, feel free to reverse your direction – it will still work fine!

2. Now, secure your cord somehow. I like to clip it to a clipboard to hold it steady while I work, but any method of holding it still will work fine!  Now – it’s time to add beads!

You will be working in a figure 8 pattern.  To add your first bead, pass your needle over the left cord, and thread on a bead.  Pass the needle under the right cord.  To secure the bead, you’ll work back toward the left – pass your needle up and over the right cord, through the bead, and under the left cord.

Just continue this motion. Each time you pass to the right, add a bead between your two cords. Each time you pass left, thread it back through the bead hole. Keep your thread taut as you work. Your beads should line right up, secured between the two cords.

3. At some point (or 2 or 3 points), you will run out of thread.  When that happens, just trim it off, thread a new length of thread onto your needle, and tie the two ends together with an overhand knot.  You can trim off the excess thread – and then continue on!

4. You can check your length periodically against your wrist.  You will want a finished beaded length of approximately 20-22 inches for three wraps.  The variance will depend on how large a button you are using for your closure (because the closure will add some length) and how large your wrist is.

When you like the length, stop adding beads and weave a few figure 8 around the two cords.  Tie an overhand knot to secure the end.

5. Add your button closure. If your button has 2 holes, you can thread one cord up from the bottom of the button, and back down through the other hole.  (If you have 4 holes, do this with both cords.)  Then, knot it underneath. I like to add a dot of glue to help secure it, but that’s totally optional.

Trim the ends, and your DIY wrap bracelet is finished!


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