Crystal Necklace

Product Details

You’ll need:

•22″ – 28″ of thick gold chain

•assorted sew on rhinestones in settings

•1 rhinestone or crystal brooch (with backs clipped off)

•stiff felt sheet

•2 jump rings



•hole punch or rotary punch

•wooden spoon & toothpick

•wire clippers


1. Start by squeezing a dollop of glue onto a wooden spoon. Use a little wooden dowel or toothpick and apply a generous amount of glue to the back of the largest rhinestone. I like to apply adhesives using this efficient and messy-less method instead of applying glue directly from the bottle.

2. Glue the larger rhinestones onto the felt, working from the center out.

3. Continue adding smaller crystals and rhinestones to the pattern. The tweezers may come in handy for the smaller pieces and harder to reach areas.

4. Once the shape is complete, add the brooch or button to the center with more glue.

5. Allow to dry for a couple of hours. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut around the pendant, leaving about two millimeters of space around the perimeter.

6. Find a place to leave extra space at the top, on either side, to attach the chain. Using a hole punch, pierce two small holes into the corners of the felt.

7. Open the jump rings with the piers, attach the felt and then close it around the end of the chain. Repeat on the opposite side. If the pendant is too heavy and the felt holes are pulling too much, adding grommets is a quick fix.

And here is your finished crystal necklace.


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