Crystal Earring

Product Details

What you’ll need:

•4 metal rings

•4 drop beads

•a pair of ear wires

•beading wire, about 20cm, pair of round-nose and flat-nose pliers and wire cutters


1) Thread a drop bead to beading wire, twist the wire twice above the bead, and trim the shorter end of wire.

2) Create a loop above the twist using round-nose pliers. The loop should be big enough to hold two metal rings later.

3) Add two metal rings to the loop.

4) Wind the wire around 3-4 times below the loop.

5) Trim the excess wire. Now it looks like this – two rings and the drop bead are connected.

6) Repeat step 1 to 3, this time adding the ring and an ear wire to the loop.

7) Wind the wire around 3-4 times below the loop, and cut the excess wire.


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