Crocheted Heart

Product Details


Seed beads

Flexible stringing material

stringing needle

crochet hook



flat nosed pliers

round nose pliers

Metal parts: 30 cm of wire with a diameter of ca 1 mm

Step1: The basis for the effective result when using this technique is the regular layout of the seed beads which will subsequently be strung and used for crocheting. In our example, we have alternated four sizes of rocaille in varied opaque colors.

Step 2: Unwind the flexible stringing material from the bobbin and string ca 1.20 m of string beads. Do not yet cut the stringing material from the bobbin.

Step 3: Take the hook and make the basic loop at the start of the stringing (figure no. 2). Create each next loop after the designated number of strung seed beads. Here, we have separated 3 pieces and crocheted a further loop onto the flexible stringing (figure no. 3). Proceed in this manner until all the strung seed beads have been crocheted. When crocheting, tighten the stringing slightly so that sufficient strength is guaranteed while at the same time ensuring the flexibility of the crocheted stringing.

Step4: The crocheted seed beads will measure ca 25-30 cm depending on how tight the stringing is. Now cut the stringing material from the bobbin with a reserve of ca 8 cm and pass the end through the last loop.

Step 5: Bend the wire in half and create a loop on one end with the round nose pliers. Bend both ends of the wire equally into the shape of a heart. String the crocheted stringing by the individual crocheted loops, (figure no. 4). The loop will be created perpendicularly to the loop on the other end of the wire.


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