Create a Bead Ladder

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1) Pick up two beads and slide them down until you have a 6 inch tail.

2) Hold the beads in place with one hand, and use the other to stitch back up through both beads. Pull tight.

3) Make sure that the beads are sitting side-by-side and the threads are snug. Pick up one bead. Stitch down through the bead that the working thread is exiting, and pull tight.

4) Hold the first two beads securely with one hand and make sure that all the threads are snug. Stitch up into the bead just added and pull tight.

5) Pick up one bead, and stitch through the last bead added, following the thread path as before. Pull snug, and stitch down into the new bead.

6) Continue adding beads in this manner until he chain is the desired length. Tuck the tail thread into the next bead so that it is exiting opposite the working thread.

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