Couple Bracelet

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Valentines' Day is coming near! Come to DIY some fashion couple bracelets by yourself. You can also give him/ her as valentine gift. May you have a merry valentine's Day with these jewelry.

Materials needed: leather bracelet piece, lace in different length, 'loved' word metal connector and glue.

Cut the lace pieces as long as your wrist and thread the hole on one end. Go down through the left of the leather and 'loved' connector.

Bring the lace back up through the right side of leather, then through the other side of 'loved' word.

Pull both end of lace and make band neat and tight.

Cut the thicker piece of lace, just a little shorter than the length of leather. Glue the the lace of each side.

Glue the lace to the back of the leather pieces. Tie a knot at the end of lace and then end up with a jump ring. 

Oh, it has done. It is really a pretty combination of the lace and leather. You can give your girlfriend or boyfriend to present meaning that you love her or him. They will be surprised to get such a perfect gift! :  )

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