Corkscrew Fringe

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1. Corkscrew fringe works best when you use two sizes of seed beads. For this tutorial, I have used size 11 Japanese cylinder beads such as Delicas, Treasures or Aikos (A) and size 11 Japanese seed beads (B).

With your thread exiting from the bottom of the beadwork that you wish to embellish, pick up a number of the smaller beads (A) that equal the length of the fringe that you wish to make.

2. Add the First Bead

Corkscrew fringe is really just a variation on square stitch that makes a lacy and ruffled beaded fringe for embellishing your finished beadwork.

Pick up 1 B. Pass your needle down through the last bead (A) picked up in the previous step.

3. Secure the First Bead

To secure the first bead and get into position to add the second bead, pass up through the B just added and pull snugly.

You are also now in position to add the next bead.

4. Finish Stitching the Row

Continue adding B beads to the row. As you stitch, you'll notice that because of the difference in size, the fringe will start to curl a bit.

Once you reach the top of the strand, pass your needle back down through the first row of A beads.

5. Reinforce and Secure the Fringe

With your needle coming out of the bottom of the row of A beads, pick up 1 B and pass needle back up through the A beads again.

Secure the fringe to the beadwork by passing into the same bead that you came out of in the first step.

6. Get Into Position for the Next Strand

To get into position to add the next strand of fringe, pass your needle down through the bead that lies next to the one you just exited.

7. Ideas and Tips

Remember that corkscrew fringe works best when you have two different sizes of beads. For an even more dramatic twist, use a size 11 and a size 8 bead - the bigger the difference in size, the bigger the twist.

You can help the twist a long a little by giving each strand a gentle twist with your fingers before securing each strand.

You can make the strand turn into more of a "J" shaped curl by passing the needle and thread up through the strand of B beads instead of A beads in Step 5.


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