Cool Friendship Bracelet

Product Details

    Materials needed in cool bracelets:

  •   Sterling Silver Oval Button
  •   2mm Black Leather Cord
  •   4mm Faceted Bead (Metal & Agate)
  •   Black Sewing Thread
  •   Clipboard


      Step 1: Take a strand of leather cord, approximately 2.5 times the length of your wrist circumference.
      Step 2:  Fold the cord and slide through the holes on sterling silver button. Then anchor the on clipboard.

      Step 3:  Start by threading 15 pieces of 4mm agate beads. Weave the sewing thread through two strips of leather cord like draw a horizontal feature “8”.


   Step 4: Add on the group of 7 pieces of 4mm Metal beads and 6 pieces of 4mm agate beads alternately.


  Step 5: Finish the beaded portion with another 15 pieces of 4mm agate beads, the length of this cool leahter friend bracelet depends on your boyfriends wrist.


  Step 6: Close it off by tying an overhand knot!


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