Coloring Metal With Acrylic Paint Dabbers and Alcohol lnks

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Step 1

You will need acrylic paint, alcohol ink, paint brush, make up sponge, cotton ball and a metal piece. Finishing Mediums: Choose one of the following to finish your piece: ICE Resin, Diamond Glaze, Glossy Accents or Crackle Accents.

Step 2

Paint the surface of the metal. You can choose one color, but we have chosen two for dimension. Apply the first color with the dabber sponge for texture.

Step 3

Apply the second color with a paint brush for a smooth texture.

Step 4

You can leave the paint to dry at this point or you can texture some parts of the paint. Try playing with different textures of paint from smooth to rough finishes.

Step 5

Use a make-up sponge, or cotton ball to texture the surface of the paint. We chose to use a make-up sponge. We left some small areas of the metal showing through the paint, for dimension.

Step 6

Let the paint dry completely.

Step 7

Apply a drop of alcohol ink to the dry painted surface of the metal.

Step 8

Tilt the metal to move the ink across the entire surface.

Step 9

Dab the ink over the surface of the metal using a cotton ball to remove some of the ink.

Step 10

Let the ink dry thoroughly.

Step 11

You can now seal the metal with ICE Resin, Diamond Glaze, Glossy Accents or Crackle Accents. Be sure to follow the instructions of your chosen medium thoroughly. Let the finishing medium dry thoroughly.

Step 12

Congratulations! You have made a colorful metal piece!

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