Coloring Metal With Acrylic Paint Dabbers

Product Details

Step 1

You will need a metal piece, acrylic paint dabber and paint brush.

Option 1 - Step 1

For a smooth painted surface; open the lid of the paint dabber and carefully dip the tip of the paint brush into the paint.

Option 1 - Step 2

Paint the surface of the metal completely, going in one direction. Let the paint dry.

Option 1 - Step 3

Now, paint the metal in the opposite direction. Let the paint dry.

Option 2 - Step 1

For a textured effect, paint the metal with the dabber sponge. Let the paint dry thoroughly.


You can now seal the metal blank with ICE Resin, Diamond Glaze, Glossy Accents or Crackle Accents. Be sure to follow the application and drying instructions of your chosen medium thoroughly.

Step 4

Congratulations! You made a colorful metal piece with acrylic paint.

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