Classical Barrette

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Today we learn how to braid a traditional 'Chinese knot' barrette such as below:

Tools: scissors, lighter 

Materials: wax cord or nylon cord, a barrette pedestal, hotmelts

1. First, braid three knots as the picture shows


2. Then cut down the spare cord, burn the fag end and cement it. We need to braid three small knots, three medium-sized knots and three larger ones.

3. We also need to braid three button knots as the core.


4.Assemble them together. Make the button knot through the braided knots from the center in the order of 'small', 'medium-sized', and 'larger'. Then cut down the redundant cord and burn it on the back side and cement it. So a beautiful classical flower is  finished.

5. Make three flowers and separately glue them on the barrette pedestal with hot melts. Then all is done.

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