Citrine Engagement Rings Bring Health, Wealth, and Happiness

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It has been a longtime custom to gift citrine jewelry for an anniversary, particularly the 13th or 17th of a marriage. This tradition has taken on a new life in today's culture with the use of citrine engagement rings. Citrine gems are not only thought to attract love, but also to encourage prosperity in all facets of the relationship.

Known as the "merchant's stone," legend has it that yellow gem can promote an increase in wealth and sustainability. Its other nickname, the "healing stone," alludes to another kind of prosperous characteristic: health. Many believe that citrine has the power to protect from physical harm and revive the body and mind. And lastly, citrine is known to bring an overwhelming sense of happiness and cheer. With all of these properties, proposing with citrine can be a very meaningful way to begin a marriage journey.

But even putting the metaphysical citrine stone meaning aside, it is still a delightful option for a gemstone engagement ring. Lemon citrine is a convincing alternative to a fancy yellow or canary diamond and, because it is plentiful in nature, it is a much more affordable choice. And if either the bride or groom-to-be has a November birthday, having a citrine engagement ring will be all the more significant, as citrine is the official November Birthstone.

white gold citrine ring is likely the most popular, although some may favor the rich yellow tone of citrine gold ringsCitrine rings come in all sorts of classic to trendy engagement styles, such as a cushion-cut citrine ring or a citrine solitaire ring. To turn up the heat and really make an impression, try one of our vivacious citrine and diamond rings. But no matter your choice, this golden-yellow gem will have her head-over-heels with is charm and allure.

When you're ready to tie the knot and need a wedding band to match, an eternity-style citrine wedding ring should do the trick. But you're not limited there – classics such as a polished gold ring or a diamond eternity band are always a beautiful choice. Explore Ross-Simons' collection and find the perfect citrine engagement ring or wedding band for you!

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