Chaton Christmas Bracelet Project

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1) Cut 2 - 10in lengths of Beadalon beading wire.

2) Tie together in a knot.

3) Thread clamshell bead tip onto both strands of wire (knot on the inside of your clamshell).

4) Cut off excess and close clam using chain nose pliers.

5) String both wire strands through Ruby bicone bead

6) Start your beadwork.

1 Emerald Bicone Bead

1 Emerald Bicone Bead

1 6mm White Pearl

1 Sterling Silver Spacer Bar

1 Emerald Bicone Beads

String both strands through the Chaton.

Repeat beadwork until you have 5 sections with the Pearl.

7) String both strands through Ruby Bicone bead.

8) Thread clamshell bead tip onto both strands and tie a knot.

9) Close clamshell over knot.

10) Attach Toggle Clasp to ends of the Clamshell and close loop. (Tip: You can use jump rings to add length.)

11) Attach Charm.

Quantity of Items Needed

40 Swarovski Bicones 5mm Emerald (A)

2 Swarovski Bicones 6mm Ruby (B)

2 Sterling Silver Clam Shell Bead Tip 3.5mm Cup (C)

20\" Beadalon Wire .015\" Bright Silver Color (D)

1 Snowflake Charm 11x13mm Sterling Silver (E)

10 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5mm White (F)

4 Swarovski Round 2-Hole Settings 6mm Siam Sterling Silver (G)

1 Sterling Silver 12mm Toggle Clasp (H)

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