Changing Seasons Earring Project

Product Details

1) Take one of the 1" lengths of chain and thread it onto the open ring at the base of the Ball Post earring. Close the loop at the base of the earring.

2) Thread one of the Teardrop Earrings onto one of the Headpins. With your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers, make a simple loop, cutting off the excess with your Side Cutters. Before closing the loop completely, thread onto the last link on the length of chain. Take four more Headpins and thread one Briolette bead onto each, making a simple loop like before. Attach two of these to the same link that the Teardrop Pearl is attached to, and the two remaining on the link above that.

3) Repeat all steps to create the matching earring. Voila!

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Surgical Steel 4mm Ball Post with Ring
2 Surgical Steel Ear Nuts
2" (cut down into 1" lengths) Silver Plated 3mm Chain
10 Silver Color 1.5" 21ga Head Pins
8 Swarovski 6x4mm Light Grey Opal Briolette Beads
2 Swarovski 11x8mm Platinum Crystal Pearls

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