Chandelier Pendant

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     The project we are going to make is very beautiful. You can use it to create earrings and necklace. It is chandelier pendant. In the following parts, we will tell you to make it step by step. You’ll make it if you follow our steps.


    There are 4 steps to make a chandelier pendant.

     Step 1:   Prepare materials: glass seed beads, red jade bead, headpins, chandelier component and brass wire.


   Step 2: Slide the jade bead onto the brass wire and make the wires cross to be a triangle. Make a loop above the bead with one piece of wire and wrap another piece of wire around the base of the wire until it is covered by wraps.


   Step 3: Hook the jade bead bail to the center loop of chandelier component.

   Step 4: Make dangles with seed beads and headpins. And hook the dangles to the loops of the chandelier component.

   Ok, you have finished this chandelier pendant. You can also add it to the earring hook or chain to be earring and necklace.


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