Chainmail Bracelets

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      Here, i will show you about instructions for making this fresh-color beaded chainmail bracelet step by step.

      Things needed in making this chainmail bracelet:

  •       6mm Lime Green Glass beads
  •       6mm Dark Glass beads 
  •       Eyepins
  •       Jumprings
  •       Lobster Clasp
  •       Round Nose Plier
  •       Wire Cutter Plier
  •       Side Cutting Plier


   Step 1: Make bead links.

   1st, slide 1 bead to the eyepin, make a loop with nose plier, then cut off the extra part;

  2nd, repeat to make all the needed bead links.

  Step 2: Make the main body of chainmail bracelet.

  1st, connect all the bead links;


  2nd, then we’ve got 2 beads chains, pay attention to beads’ color.

  Step 3:  Finish making the fresh-color beaded chainmail bracelet.

  1st, add 1 small jumpring to 1 loop, then hitch 1 big jumpring to the 2 small jumprings, make sure that every loop matched with a small jumpring, you will get patterns like  picture shows;


  2nd, there should be one small jumpring on every loop, then connect the second bead chain to the first chain with the help of a big jumpring;

  3rd, connect the 2 neighboring big jumprings with 2 small jumprings;

 4th, add 2 small jumprings to the edge big jumpring, then bunch the 2 edge loops and 2 small jumprings together with a big jumpring;

 5th, add a lobster clasp to the chainmail bracelet.

 Finally, we finnish!


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