Carnival Bracelet

Product Details

For 22cm bracelet, you will need:

22 bright aluminium jump rings, id 12mm, 1.63mm (rd11-64bral) - (A)

46 bright aluminium jump rings, id 4.2mm, 1.29mm (rd3-50bral) - (B)

21 tropical acrylic beads, 4x8mm or similar bead with a minimum 2mm hole

2-strand clasp


two pairs of smooth faced chain nose, bent nose or flat nose pliers

1. Join one large ring (A) to one side of the clasp using two small rings (B).

2. Link one bead onto one ring (A). Join the beaded ring to the large ring (A) added in the last step using two small rings (B).

3. Place the last two large rings added back to back so the bead is at 12 o'clock. Separate the small rings so that one ring is at nine o'clock and the other ring at three o'clock. Push the topmost ring downwards.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until your bracelet is the correct length. Join to the other side of the clasp.

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