Caribbean Crystal Expansion Bracelet Project

Product Details

1) This bracelet consists of six bicone colors, grouped in two's by color group. (two yellows-Jonquil and Light Topaz. Two reds--Padparadscha and Indian Red. Two blues -- Caribbean Blue Opal and Blue Zircon)

2) Thread one bicone (whichever color you choose to start with) onto a head pin(B). Make a wrapped loop, attaching the biconed headpin to a point on expansion bracelet(A) before closing and wrapping the loop. Repeat 125 more times, using all of the bicones and headpins.

3) You may follow the pattern shown here is you like or attach the different color bicones randomly. Either way, when you're all done this bracelet will definitely make you feel like you've been whisked away to a tropical isle!

Quantity of Items Needed

1 Expansion Bracelet 3-Row Surgical Steel (A)

126 Head Pin 1.5" 21 gauge Silver Plated (B)

21 Swarovski Bicone 5328 6mm Padparadscha (C1)

21 Swarovski Bicone 5328 6mm Blue Zircon (C2)

21 Swarovski Bicone 5328 6mm Light Topaz (C3)

21 Swarovski Bicone 5328 6mm Jonquil (C4)

21 Swarovski Bicone 5301 6mm Caribbean Blue Opal (C5)

21 Swarovski Bicone 5328 6mm Indian Red (C6)


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