Cancer Sweater Chain Necklace

Product Details

Product Detail

Materials needed in making Cancer sweater chain necklace:

Impression jasper  2 PCs            Turquoise   6 PCs  

Blue chalcedony    6 PCs           Green fluorite    6 PCs  

Metal chain                                 eye pin

Cancer pendant                         Pliers


Step 1. Prepare materials.

Step 2.Pass through beads with eye pins and make an end on the bottom. On the top, make the eye pin curly and remain some interstice.

Step 3. Use chain nose plier to link beads.

Step 4.Separate beads with metal chain. In order to get your wearing convenient,  metal chain should't be added too long.

Step 5. Attach beads and Cancer pendant with plier. The open jump ring should be pinched tightly.

 Step 6. According to the length you need, add metal chain to the beads and adjust it again.

OK, the Cancer sweater chain necklace is done. You can also  make your own Constellation. Learn and have a try!

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