Butterfly Beaded Necklace

Product Details

Material: beads in different sizes, head pin, beaded wire, lobster clasp, ribbon, glue and pliers.

Step 1: string the beads onto head pin and then choose four different beads to make a pendants. Then make a loop.

Step 2: attach some pendants you make to the metal ring. As the following shows:

Step 3: cut a small round felt, fix the metal rings to the the round felt with glue.

Step 4: wrap these pendant with ribbon to make a butterfly shape.

Step 5: choose a large beads to cover the center of butterfly and fix it with glue.

Step 6: at the back of  butterfly, fix a pendant bail.

Step 7: start beading the rest of  beads.

Step 8: we can make lot of beaded chains as you want.

Step 9: load the lobster clasp at the both sides of beaded chain that has made.

Step 10: fix the butterfly pendant to necklace cord. It is OK!

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