Bright Spots Bracelet Project

Product Details

1) Cut two 30 - 36" lengths of Hemp Cording. Cut one 24" length of Wildfire Cording. Line all of the cords up on one end and make an overhand knot about 3" down from the end. Secure the knot by taping it down to a countertop or secured in a clipboard. Separate the three cords so that the Wildfire is in the center, with the Hemp cords on either side of this. Use a piece of tape on the countertop or clipboard to secure just the Wildfire at the end of your work space (you'll be knotting around this length of Wildfire, so there can't be any slack) Pour all of your Neon Crystal Pearls into a dish or set onto a bead mat. Decide upon what pattern you'd like to do with your beads.

2) Make a Left Facing Square Knot (LFSK) around the Wildfire Cording with your two lengths of Hemp Cording. Now make a Right Facing Square Knot (RFSK) the same way. Make one more Left Facing Square Knot and then thread on a Neon Crystal Pearl onto the Wildfire Cording.

3) Make a RFSK, LFSK, and another RFSK then thread on another Neon Crystal Pearl. Repeat with the alternating Square Knots, threading a Neon Crystal Pearl after every third knot tied.

4) After all of your Pearls are threaded on, end with three more alternating Square Knots and then end with an overhand knot (you have to make sure both sides of the wrap bracelet/necklace match!)

5) Choose a side to finish first and thread all three cording ends through the loop at the base of the Hook Clasp half. Cinch up the clasp half and then secure with two overhand knots. Secure the knot with a dab of E6000 and allow to dry before trimming off the excess cording. Repeat this step for the other side of the wrap bracelet/necklace. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
72" Hippie Hemp Cord Black 1mm
24" Wild Fire Bead Cord .15mm Black
1 Hook & Eye Clasp 25x11mm Base Metal Gun Metal Plated
11 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 6mm Neon Orange
10 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 6mm Neon Pink
10 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 6mm Neon Yellow
1 Mini E6000 Glue .18oz.

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