Branch Fringe

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1. This type of fringe requires a lot of thread, so make sure that you have at least a 5' length to work with initially. You can always add more as you go if you run out.

To get into position, weave needle down so that you are exiting the bottom edge of your beadwork. If you do not have a long enough thread, add a new thread in the body of your beadwork and weave down so you are exiting the bottom edge.

Pick up the number of beads you would like for the strand of fringe, plus two. In this example, I have used 17 beads plus the two for a total of 19 beads.

Skip the last bead picked up and pass needle through the next bead.

2. Pick Up Beads for the First Branch

Pick up the desired number of beads for the first branch plus one. I have picked up six beads plus one for a total of seven beads.

Skip the last bead and pass needle through the remaining beads in the branch.

3. Get Into Position for the Next Branch

Pass needle back into the original set of beads and through two or three beads. When working branch fringe, you can make each strand of fringe exactly the same, or for a more organic or natural look, vary the strands and branches.

4. Add Branches to the Rest of the Strand

Continue to add branches to the original strand of beads, varying as desired.

To secure the thread and get into position to add the next branch, pass needle and thread into the bead next to the bead you originally exited along the bottom edge of the beadwork. Pass needle and thread down through the next bead in the edge.

5. Tips and Ideas for Branch Fringe

•You can vary this fringe widely to suit your specific needs. Make it completely uniform or make each branch a different length.

•Pearls and tiny shells with shorter lengths of branches will make a beautiful ocean-themed fringe.

•Tiny round garnets and other gemstone beads make this fringe look like natural tree branches.

•You can also make loops instead of branches for an evergreen-like texture.

•Bugle beads as branches will make a shimmery fringe similar to frozen tree branches.


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