Bowknot Hair Barrette

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Now, let me share how to make this bowknot hair barrette. Let's begin.

Materials needed: Hair clip fingding, ribbon, sewing, scissors, lighter, double-sided adhesive, etc.

Step 1. Prepare two pieces of ribbon which are the same length.

Step 2. Stick the double-sided adhesive on the end to get the following circle.

Step 3. fold the ribbon circle, then fix the center by sewing.

Step 4. According to the same method, when you finish the other one, sew them together.

Step 5. Cut down a piece of small ribbon, then stick the double-sided adhesive.

Step 6. Tear the double-sided adhesive to stick the ribbon.

Step 7. Finish the other side according to  the above method.

Step 8. Fnid the center of the bowknot, and use the sewing to fix it.

Step 9. Attach the bowknot to the hair clip finding by hot glue.

When the hot glue cools down, the bowknot hair barrette is done. Do you like it? Just have a try.

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