Bold and Bright Bracelet Project

Product Details

1) Take the three lengths of cord and begin to thread on one crystal silver night briolette followed by one silver plated spacer. Repeat this step until all of the beads have been threaded on to the three lengths of elastoma cord.

2) Tie the ends of combined six lengths of elastoma cord together in a square knot, making sure that most of the slack has been removed, but not overly tight. Place a small drop of glue onto the knot and make sure that no glue gets onto the beads on either side of the knot and pull the ends of the knot to tighten the cords as the glue is setting.

3) When the glue is completely dry, open the jump ring with your pliers, and attach the charm to the necklace a couple of beads up from the knot. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
3 24" lengths of Elasticity Stringing Cord
20 Silver Plated Spacers 8x1mm
1 "Peace" Charm 8mm Sterling Silver
1 Jump Ring 4mm Silver Plated
20 Swarovski Briolette Bead 12x7.5mm Crystal Silver Night
1 Zap a Gap Glue

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