Bohemia Style Necklace

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 Today this project we want to learn is Bohemia style necklace. As you can see the following picture, it is very beautiful, is not it? But do you know how to make it?  Now, let us explore the details of making this beautiful necklace together.

Necklace Making Details:

Material needed: cloth, felt, jump ring, metal chain, crystal thread, rhinestone chain, connector, needle and pliers.

Step 1: fix one end of crystal thread onto jump rings with crimp bead, then start beading on the other end. make about 10 bead chains. the length is supposed to be within 20 cm.

Step 2: cut a moon shape felt and a bigger same shape cloth. 

Step 3: connect the felt with metal chains.

Step 4: connect bead chains we have made to the felt as pendants. 

Step 5: sewing the side of cloth to make a cover. then cover it on felt and sew up them together.

Step 6: use another metal chain to decorate cloth top.

Finally, apply necklace chain, then a Bohemia style necklace is done!

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