Beautiful Lace Necklace

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Today this project we want to learn is lace necklace. As you can see the following picture, it is very beautiful, is not it? Now, let us explore the details of making this beautiful lace necklace together.


 Lace Necklace Making Details:

Material needed: beautiful lace ribbon, jump ring, metal chain, rhinestone chain, connector jewelry, needle and pliers.

Step 1:divide the metal chain into two groups and then connect them with jump ring. The other side is fixed by connector.

Step 2: fix the rhinestone chains to the ribbon with needle.

Step 3: fix the decorative rhinestone chains in the middle of two metal chains. Then use the metal rings to decorate.

 Step 4: fix the lace ribbon to the decorative rhinestone chains.

 Step 5: fix the ribbon at the both sides of necklace and tie a knot. It is OK!

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