Beaded Snowflake Brooch

Product Details

      Materials and tools for making a beaded snowflake brooch:

  •  2mm Glass Round Seed Beads, Transparent, Red
  •  3mm Glass Round Seed Beads, Transparent, Green
  •  11mm Resin Button, Red
  •  18mm Brass Brooch Finding, Round, Platinum (Not Shown)
  •  Felt, White
  •  Sewing Thread, Green
  •  Needle
  •  Scissors
  •  Hot Glue Gun (Not Shown)
  •  Pencil (Not Shown)


 Step 1: Make a beaded snowflake.
 1st, trace a template of snowflake on a round white felt with a pencil as the picture shows. Or you can trace a snowflake pattern you like;
 2nd, cut out two snowflake shapes from white felt according to the template;
 3rd, take one snowflake shape, sew a simple tree shape with green seed beads using similar thread on each petal of the snowflake;
 4th, intersperse a red seed bead at the top of each tree branch and secure with glue or red thread.


 Step 2: Add embellishments and brooch finding.






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