Beaded Ring

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1 Pkg. 4mm Light Sapphire Czech Crystals

1 Pkg. 4mm Sapphire Swarovski Crystals

1 Pkg. Clear Silver Lined Blue Striped Pony Beads

1 Pkg. 4mm Cobalt Rounds

2 Pkg. 1in S/P Thin Head Pins

1 Pkg. 1in S/P Thick Head Pins

1 Nickel Adjustable Ring


You will have 1 of each of the 4 beads on each loop of the ring making a total of 40 dangles.

Step 1:  Using ten of the Thick Head Pins place one Pony Bead on each head pin.  Using flat nose pliers, bend the wire 90°.  Using a wire cutter, cut off the excess head pin leaving approximately 3/16".  Carefully bend the 3/16" piece of wire into a loop but don't close. Place one dangle on each of the ten loops of the ring then close the wire loops tightly.

Step 2:  Repeat Step 1 using the Thin Head Pins for the Czech Crystals, then the Swarovski Crystals and then the Cobalt Rounds.  Enjoy!

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