Beaded Pentacle Pendant Necklace

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     Things needed for making the beaded pentacle necklace:

  •        8mm Mixed Glass Beads
  •        Headpins
  •        Eye Pins
  •        Jump Rings
  •        Lobster Claps
  •        Organza Ribbon
  •        Aluminum Chains
  •        Lighter
  •        Scissors
  •        Round Nose Plier
  •        Flat Plier
  •        Wire Cutter Plier


      Steps for making beaded star necklace:

      Step 1: Make beads findings.

       1st, slide a white bead, three green beads and a white bead in sequence onto an eye pin, then make a loop with the round nose plier;
       2nd, string a white bead, two green beads and a white bead in order onto an eye pin, then make a loop on the end;
       3rd, thread a white bead, a green bead and a white bead onto an eye pin, and then make a loop;
       4th, bead two white beads onto the eye pin and make a loop on the end;
       5th, slide a white bead onto a headpin and make a loop on the end;
       6th, repeating above all steps to make repeat above all steps to make another four pair, these will be the points of the star.


      Step 2: Make the beaded star pendant.

       1st, link the one bead finding to the two-bead finding;
       2nd, attach three-bead finding to it by connecting loops with jump rings, then do the same to put four-bead finding, one beaded angles is made;
       3rd, repeat above two steps to make another four triangles;
       4th, connect the five triangles by jump rings as picture shows.

       Step 3: Finish the beaded star necklace.

       1st, cut 20cm silver chains and 25cm organza ribbons, you can change the length according to your neck size;
       2nd, threading organza ribbon through the holes of chains as picture shows;
       3rd, cut off the extra chains and ribbons, then trim off both ends of the ribbon;
       4th, attach the lobster claps to the chains;
       5th, hang the beaded star to the middle of the chain.




    The beaded pentacle necklace has been finished. If you were religious, you will know the meaning of pentacle pendant. So make a pentacle necklace to prove it.

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