Beaded Lace Bracelet

Product Details

What you’ll need


•beading wire (the length you want the bracelet to be + 5cm)

•a piece of lace (twice the length of the beading wire)

•jump ring

•lobster clasp

•a pair of flat-nose pliers

•a pair of round-nose pliers

•a pair of wire cutters


1) Make a wrapped loop at the end of the beading wire.

2) Add lace and beads to the wire. It depends how big your beads are, but the lace should be about 3 cm long between each bead.


3) After adding all the beads, make a wrapped loop again at the end of the wire.

4) Open the jump ring using flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers, then connect the lobster clasp and the wrapped loop of the bracelet. Close the opening with the pliers.


And you are done!


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