Beaded Bracelet

Product Details

What you’ll need:


•beading wire (the length you want the bracelet to be + 5cm)

•Jump ring

•lobster clasp

•A pair of flat-nose pliers

•A pair of round-nose pliers

•A pair of wire cutters


1) Let’s start by making a ‘wrapped loop’. Grasp one end of the beading wire with round-nose pliers, about 3cm from the edge, and wrap it around the jaw of the pliers to create a loop.

2) With the loop securely grasped with the round-nose pliers, grasp the tail wire with flat-nose pliers, then wind it neatly around the main wire just below the loop.


3) When you wrap the tail wire onto the main wire 2 or 3 times, cut off the excess wire with wire cutter. Remember to squeeze down the newly cut tip to make it lie flat so that no sharp edge sticks out.

4) Add your beads to the wire.


5) After adding all the beads, make a wrapped loop again at the end of the wire.

6) Open the jump ring using flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers, then add the lobster clasp.


7) Connect the end of the bracelet to the jump ring, then close the opening with the pliers. And you're done!



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