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Akoya pearl is a kind of saltwater pearls from Akoya oyster (Pinctada fucata martensii), which are usually cultured. Even though they are called a Japanese name, the oyster originates from China; China has a long history of culturing South China Sea Pearl with Akoya oyster in the sea area of Southern China.

Currently, the Akoya oyster has been widely used to culture pearls in China, Japan, Korea, Hongkong and Sri Lanka, and china has become the major producer of Akoya pearls.

Akoya pearls are typically roundish. Their body colors range from light pink to white or creamy. Sizes range from 3mm – 9mm. Round Akoya pearls larger than10 mm are very rare, if there are, their price will be much higher than the same size South sea pearls.

Luster and Nacre

Akoya pearl has the strongest luster in all pearls. Sometimes, even in a dim environment, a high quality Akoya pearl can still reflect the limited light and display a strong contrast of the light and dark part.

In Akoya pearl trade standard, 0.35mm is a minimum nacre thickness of Akoya Pearls. But now, it is hard to find Akoya pearls reach this nacre thickness. Therefore, GIA define a nacre thickness for Akoya Pearls. see Luster and Nacre.

Surface Quality

It is very normal that Large or thick nacre Akoya pearl has some blemishes on the surface. That just because the pearl get those blemishes as with they stay a long time in the oyster .


Body color and overtone of Akoya pearl play an important role on determining its price.

pearl Color


Pink: higher the value
Silver: without much affection
Green: sometimes decrease the price slightly

The most valued Akoya pearls, named Hanadama Quality, is a kind of bluish-pink color:a light-pink body color with blue and pink overtone.


Akoya pearls can be divided into four shape categories:Round, Off-round, semi-baroque and baroque


Akoya pearls are with wide size range under 9mm. China has been the major Akoya producer under 7mm, but most pearl above 7mm are produced in Japan.

Treated Akoya Pearl

Treated Akoya Pearls provide a variety of Akoya pearl jewelry for people to choose. Their shapes and luster make up a special jewelry in every mature women's jewelry box. High quaility akoya pearl jewelry reflects a classic personal style with a feminine point of view. Compare to natural color pearl like Tahitian or Golden South Sea pearl, treated akoya pearls are more affordable. That doesn't means they are inferior. Nowadays, those beautiful treated Akoya pearls make Akoya pearl jewlery more colorful and changeful, they even become the-first-place jewelry in celebrity.

Shecy Pearls are dedicated in providing our customers with high quality Akoya pearl jewelry of different colors and designs.

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