Adding Resin to a Bezel Ear Finding

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Step 1

You will need paper, a pair of Ear Findings, Glue, Sealant, ICE Resin, scissors and a paint brush to begin. We have chosen the gold plated pewter oval ear findings.

Step 2

Measure the inside of the ear finding to get the correct size for cutting out the image. We used the oval glass dome as our template.

Step 3

Draw the shape onto your chosen image and carefully cut out the shape with a pair of scissors.

Step 4

Paint a small amount of glue into the ear finding making sure you cover the entire inside surface of the bezel.

Step 5

Press the cut out image into the ear finding. Make sure all sides are pushed down into the glue. Wipe away any excess glue. Let the glue dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat for the second ear finding.

Step 6

Apply a thin layer of Sealant to the surface of the image. Make sure you cover the entire surface area of the image. Do this three times letting the surface dry for twenty minutes in between each application.

Step 7

Push the ear wires into the sponge resting the bezel findings on the side of the sponge. Make sure the findings are laying evenly on the side of the sponge.

Step 8

Make sure the ear findings are laying horizontal and are not tilted at all. This will ensure the resin will be even while it cures.

Step 9

Mix a batch of ICE Resin. For more detailed instructions please refer to Step 11 through 16 in the Using ICE Resin with Bezel Pendants Technique.

Step 10

Slowly add ICE resin to the ear finding. Make sure you fill both ear findings. Please refer to Step 17 and 18 in the Using ICE Resin with Bezel Pendants Technique.

Step 11

Let the ear findings fully cure for three days.

Step 12

Congratulations! You have made a beautiful pair of resin earrings.

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